Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), a Major Subordinate Command of the GSDF, conducts three primary missions:

  1. Retention and Recruiting operations for the Force

  2. Professional Military Education (PME) – the “schools” – of the Force:

a. Initial Entry Schools b. Officer PME c. Noncommissioned Officer PME d. Specialty Schools – Search and Rescue, Rappelling, and others e. The Medical Center Of Excellence (MCOE) – including First Aid/CPR, Emergency Medical Responder, and others

  1. Training and doctrinal guidance, including delivering trained Observer/Controller-Safety Officers for missions and training exercises


Our Mission Statement: TRADOC delivers trained, ready, and professional Soldiers to the Force; develops capable and effective leaders at all levels, and builds and shapes the future Force through innovative recruiting and sustainment, doctrine, training, and professional military education.

Headquarters: Ellenwood Readiness Center in Ellenwood, Georgia. We conduct and oversee schools and recruiting throughout the State.

Available roles in TRADOC include:

  • Curriculum development
  • Training delivery – primary and secondary instructor, support instructor
  • Distance learning support
  • Unit support functions: administration, personnel, logistics, intelligence, operations, and planning.

16 Jan 2023

Maj. Clark Howard Retires After 21 Years of Service

Maj. Clark Howard retires after serving 21 years in the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) during a ceremony held at Georgia National Guard headquarters, Clay National Guard Center, Marietta, Ga., Jan. 7, 2023. Maj. Howard, a well-known syndicated media personality, inspired one-third of the GSDF Force to join its ranks.