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When ordered by the Adjutant General, provide an organized, trained, disciplined, rapid response volunteer force to assist state and local government agencies, and civil relief organizations in impending or actual emergencies to assure the welfare and safety of the citizens of Georgia.


The Georgia State Defense Force is a legally constituted element of the Georgia Department of Defense, serving in support of the national and state constitutions under direction of the Governor and the Adjutant General of the State of Georgia.</p>

32 U.S.C. § 109 (2018)

GA Code § 38-2-50 (2019)


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OPFOR Battalion
1st BDE
4th BDE
5th BDE
76th Spt. BDE
Public Affairs Office


  1. Support and augment Georgia National Guard forces.
  2. Provide professional skills to the Georgia Department of Defense.
  3. Assist Georgia communities.


  1. General Military Knowledge
  2. Law Enforcement Assistance
  3. Land Navigation
  4. Communication
  5. Medical operations
  6. Public Affairs
  7. Patrolling
  8. Disaster Relief Support
  9. Search and Rescue Operations
  10. Military Operations
  11. Anti-Terrorism
  12. Liaison Officer Operations
  13. Chaplain Support
  14. Community Engagement Operations
  15. Staff Judge Advocate Support
  16. Concept of Operations Plan (CONPLAN) 3500 Taskings
  17. Other Tasks as Authorized by The Adjutant General (TAG) – Georgia

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Supporting The Georgia National Guard

CLAY NATIONAL GUARD CENTER, Marietta, Ga. October 9, 2016 - Members of the three components of the Georgia Department of Defense monitor Hurricane Matthew response operations during the overnight shift at the Joint Operations Center.

Georgia National Guard photo by Capt. William Carraway

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16 Jan 2023

Maj. Clark Howard Retires After 21 Years of Service

Maj. Clark Howard retires after serving 21 years in the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) during a ceremony held at Georgia National Guard headquarters, Clay National Guard Center, Marietta, Ga., Jan. 7, 2023. Maj. Howard, a well-known syndicated media personality, inspired one-third of the GSDF Force to join its ranks.