26 Jan 2015

National Guard Day at the Capitol

CLAY NATIONAL GUARD CENTER, Marietta, Georgia, January 26, 2015, By PV2 Michael Chapman The Georgia General Assembly designated January 26, 2015 as National Guard Day at the State Capitol.

26 Jan 2015 - GSDF

The Senate and House of Representatives adopted resolutions recognizing the men and women of the Georgia Department of Defense. The resolutions included several specific references to the Georgia State Defense Force. The Senate resolution, sponsored by Senators Jack Hill, Ed Harbison, Mike Dugan, Bill Cowsert, Hunter Hill, and Jeff Mullis, recognized “the selfless and heroic actions of the Georgia National Guard.” The House of Representatives resolution, sponsored by Representative John P. Yates, commended “the men and women of the Georgia National Guard for their strength, leadership, and courage in their willingness to find meaning in something greater than themselves.” As always, the GSDF stands “Ready To Serve” and is grateful to the members of the General Assembly for their support. Please see below for links to the resolutions.

Senate Resolution

House of Representatives Resolution

16 Jan 2023

Maj. Clark Howard Retires After 21 Years of Service

Maj. Clark Howard retires after serving 21 years in the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) during a ceremony held at Georgia National Guard headquarters, Clay National Guard Center, Marietta, Ga., Jan. 7, 2023. Maj. Howard, a well-known syndicated media personality, inspired one-third of the GSDF Force to join its ranks.