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General Information

Position Vacancies

Currently open positions are listed below by unit along with a point of contact for more information.


  • The CG has approved the establishment of The GSDF Warrant Officer Proponent Center (WOPC) and staff.

    Warrant Officer Proponent Center Position Vacancies:

    • Warrant Officer Training/Doctrine Chief WO1-CW4
    • Warrant Officer Administration/Personnel Chief WO1-CW4
    • Warrant Officer MOS/Career Field Development Chief WO1-CW4
    • Warrant Officer IT/Web Page/Systems Chief WO1-CW4

    POC: CW5 Caddell, Command Chief

5th Brigade

  • Needs Chaplains and IT Personnel to Support Georgia Garrison Training Center.
    This would be an ongoing mission to support the GGTC and Fort Stewart.

  • POC: CPT Paul Robards

PAO Position Openings

  • Photojournalists Needed (Positions are open to any GSDF soldier with basic knowledge of journalism and photography.)

  • Web Developers Needed (Positions are open to any GSDF soldier with knowledge of html, graphics, and web development.)

    POC: CPT Creed

JAG Position Openings

  • JAG NCO (inter alia, clerical responsibility for JAG Staff, including but not limited to monthly consolidated AAR, monthly morning report) E5-E7.

    Legal experience not required.

    POC: COL Hanna

G1 Position Openings

  • Assistant Admin Officer (Awards & Decorations, security,
    records management), 1LT/CPT

  • ACoS,G1 has a vacancy for a SGM/E9.
    Interested individuals in grade E9 or E8 with personnel or administrative experience should apply through channels to COL Landin.

  • Database Entry Specialist (Database management, input), E5-E6

  • Orders Specialist (Preparation of Promotion, Transfer and
    SAD orders), 2 positions; E5-E6

  • Administrative Branch Specialist (Awards, Decorations),
    2 positions; E5-E7

  • Recruiting Admin Specialist (photos, fingerprinting, ID cards); E3-E5

    POC: COL Landin

G2 Intelligence

  • Safety NCO Position - E5 with prior military or post IET SDF experience.

  • Contact COL Daube, A/COS G2 for an interview.

    POC: COL Daube

G3 Schools Division

  • Administrative Officer/Instructor (2), teaching OCS and BOLC
    Criteria for Selection:
    • Seasoned 1LT or CPT
    • Graduate of OCS, BOLC or other service courses for company grade officers,
      or prior service officer and graduate of above

  • NCO, instructor courses: BNCOC, ANCOC, Instructor Certification; (2 or more)
    Criteria for selection:
    • Seasoned E5-E7
    • Graduate of BNCOC or ANCOC
    • Prior service and graduate of above

    POC: COL Martin

4th Brigade Positions Available

    We have been newly reorganized as of the 12 of June, 2010. We have been here since the beginning of Georgia’s history. We served in the Revolution and in the War Between the States. We were there when the National Guard deployed in the I and II World Wars. We are the citizens of Georgia who respond in time of need. Our primary missions, today, center on Emergency Relief, Rescue, and Aid to Civil Authorities. We are volunteers who serve without pay, buy our own uniforms, meals, and transportation. We train with the US Military Services in their schools to achieve the levels of proficiency needed to be first responders in any emergency. We are all required to be First Aid and CPR Certified. We also train our personnel for proficiency in Nuclear and Chemical decontamination measurers. We guard facilities important to the infrastructure of the communities we serve and aid in the evacuation of communities working with FEMA. We are proud to be patriots, proud to serve.

    Positions available in the Battalions and Companies

    • Soldiers - Entry level. We need people, male or female. We need those of you, who previously served in our military and those who have never served. You need to be healthy and under 65 years old. Willing to serve is the most important characteristic we look for.
    • Non-Commissioned Officers - Your education and or civilian background can possibly bring you into our organization as a non-commissioned officer. Your skills determine the rank you are assigned in our program. We need senior non-commissioned officers in operations, logistics, and administration. CSMs are more than welcome also. Senior NCOs are needed to be the backbone of our organization.
    • Officers - We have opportunities for Professionals who have not military training such as Medical Professionals, Lawyers, Chaplains, etc. We are ready to appoint prior military officers from all of the services into positions of responsibility in Operation, Intelligence, Administration, Logistics. We need instructors in Infantry Skills, Weapons, Maintenance, Food Service, Mountaineering, Diving, and Navy persons with small boat experience to train and maintain our fleet of Search and Rescue boats.

    • Specific Positions available on the 4th Brigade Headquarters Staff
      • Public Affairs Officer - Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel to coordinate public relations throughout the counties of the southern tier of Georgia.
      • Recruiting Officer and Recruiting NCO - Prior experience recruiting would be very helpful.
      • Personnel Administration Officer, Warrant Officer, or SFC or MSG positions are available.
      • Maintenance Officer position available
      • Communications Officer position available.

    1st Medical Company Position Openings

    The GSDF Medical Company is designed to be a fully deployable unit that under appropriate orders can provide various aspects of medical care and support to 1) civilian facilities (hospital, clinic), 2) Georgia National Guard, 3) GSDF troops in the field, or 4) direct care to civilian population under specified circumstances.

    • 4 Physicians (MD. DO) May be active or in reserve status

    • 1 Veterinarian

    • 5 Nurses (RN, LPN):

    • 6 Physician extenders - Certified Medical Practitioners (NP, PA, CRNA etc.)

    • 7 Emergency Medical personnel (EMS, EMT etc.)

    • 1 Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals, Licensed Counselors

    • 10 Medical Office or Hospital trained medical support or office personnel:

    • 10 Non-Licensed persons with an employment background or interest in being trained in
      1) first aid, 2) medical decontamination, 3) field medical records, 4) medical treatment area security, 5) medical supply, and/or 6) EMS interface and/or military medical communications.

    Medical Companies are being formed in several regions of Georgia. Contact us for further information.

    POC: MAJ Redling
    1st Medical Battalion, Commanding

    The 911th Support Command

    911th Support Command (“SUPCOM”) has the following immediate staff and unit leadership openings. Please contact SUPCOM S1 SSG Chris Brierley at for more information on any of these openings.

    • Headquarters

      • S-1 NCOIC - E-6/5
      • S-2 NCOIC - E-5
      • S-3 or S-3 Assistant (Officer) - CPT/1LT
      • S-3 NCOIC - E-6
      • S-4 NCOIC - E-6
      • PAO/UPARS Officer - O-2
      • PAO/UPARS NCOIC - E-5 to E-3

      • Command Sergeant Major - any interested E-8 will need to have his or her package in to G1 at HQ no later than close of business 11 July 2010.

        POC: LTC Allen Vance

    • Operations Detachment

    • Detachment Commander                        O-3

    • Force Protection Detachment

      Detachment XO                                      O-3/2
      J34 Platoon Leader                                O-2/1

      Traffic and Access Control (TAC) Platoon
      TAC Platoon Leader                               O-2/1

    • Communications Detachment

      Detachment XO                                      O-3/2

    • IT Detachment

      Detachment XO                                      O-3/2

    Deputy Commander
    911th Support Command


    404.386.3841 (mobile)

    105th Georgia State Defense Force Band ~ Position Openings

    The Georgia State Defense Force is currently auditioning accomplished musicians for the State Defense Force Band. A minimum of least 3 years musical experience at the high school band level or higher is required. Visit the Band Recruiting page for more information or contact the GSDF Band command staff for more information.

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    • 1st Brigade - 1st Medical Company is pleased to announce a new web site to showcase 1BDE's Medical Detachment:  Our web site is currently active and running.

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    • The Georgia State Defense Force is currently recruiting accomplished musicians for the State Defense Force Band. Prior military band service candidates are eligible. A minimum of least 3 years musical experience at the high school band level or higher is required. Visit the Band Recruiting page for more information.

    • The 5BDE is recruiting (SEE the State Defense Force Brigade MAP for the 5th Brigade's Area of Operation)! We need soldiers! Prior military service and non-prior service personnel are welcome. 

    Last revision: 01-May-2010

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